Women’s Connection Bible Study

Mondays, 1:30 - 3:30pm, Room 124 at RUMC

We are studying Lisa Bever’s book 

“Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World”

 Why should you consider joining women’s Bible study?

 1. You will engage in meaningful relationships.

The main idea is that we want to move from the “rows” of Sunday morning services, to the “circles” of a small group setting. It is here that we are known, pursued, and enjoyed by other women as we share important conversation about life, centered around the deeper things of God. It is in this context that we pray for, encourage, and do life with one another. Gathering together weekly encourages long term relationships with other women who have the same desires for godliness. If you have yet to get to know other women from RUMC, Bible study is the perfect way to do so!

2.  You will experience growth through accountability.

It is within the context of these authentic and meaningful relationships that we will experience growth. As we learned from Liz Curtis Higgs - iron sharpens iron. Having the support of a book to guide your daily quiet times, weekly meet-ups to discuss learnings, and the prayers of other women to work through the Scriptures provides the accountability necessary to deepen and forward our faith. And most important is the encouragement that you get from others to live out what you have learned, moving from Bible study to Bible doing.

 3.  You will learn the Bible from a woman’s perspective.

So often we hear the corporate teaching of God’s word less than one hour a week, and Biblical illiteracy is growing. To know God, we must know the Bible, and a weekly bible time gives us additional support in this area. Even better, we get to hear Biblical truths from other women. 

Women’s Bible study truly is a sweet time of rich fellowship, not to be missed. We want to invite you to engage in this life changing experience.  We want to know you and to grow together with you as we learn to live, love, and lead like Jesus.


Please join Pastor Lauretta on Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm, in Room 124/Library for the new, ongoing weekly study on the Bible’s book of “Jonah.”  Each week, someone in our group brings a dessert to share. Hope to see you there!