Sunday, June 9, 2024 Videos

6/9/2024 Contemporary Service                                            6/9/2024 Traditional Service

June 15 - Grand Mesa Christian Association will have an Adopt-A-Cabin Day starting 9:00 am, at the Grand Mesa Camp.  Groups will work on cleaning & painting cabins.  They also need help setting up lunch, child care, and writing letters to campers.  Lunch will be served at noon. Make this a family event and join in the work, fun, and serving the Lord! For more  information email:


June 16 - We will be saying goodbye to Reverend Lauretta Lundquist.  There will be only one service at 10:00 am, afterwards, we will honor the Pastor for her loving care of this congregation with fun and food!  You are encouraged to bring a dish to share, the sign-up sheets are on the welcome desk where you can select the dish you wish to contribute.

Also, donations for Pastor Lauretta and Craig Lundquist are requested to purchase a joint farewell gift.  Please provide donations to Jamie Vavra or place them in the flowerpot at the welcome center.


June 16 - Crossroads Methodist Church will be saying goodbye to Pastor Alane Currier Griggs, if you would like to send a card to celebrate her retirement  send to 599 30 Rd, Grand Jct, CO 81504


Opportunities To Serve

We invite you to sign up to help with Worship for either of the services. The sign-up sheets are on the Welcome Desk, where you will find the different ways to minister to one another in the service you attend.

Serving is a physical and spiritual expression of our faith, increasing our understanding of God's love and grace. 


We are in need of funds for striping our parking lot and we ask you to consider a small donation by using this Text to Give number (844) 882-1205


A church greeter spreads hospitality to people throughout the church as well as visitors.  A Greeter is part of an effective first impressions ministry.  

If your Spiritual Gift is hospitality, you should consider this ministry!  

Remember a warm and friendly hand, a smiling face, and a welcoming voice can make a positive first impression. 

Nothing is better than feeling welcomed, and leaving with a grateful and happy heart!

Join us on Sundays for the study of John: The Gospel of Light and Life, by Adam Hamilton on Sundays between services, 10:10 to 10:50 AM in the Library.

Topics are:



We dedicated the Homeward Bound donations in worship last week.

8 pillows

11 sunscreen 

28 sunscreen lip balm

1 bag of individual hand sanitizers

8 pillows

6 cooling scarves


Click here if you would like to help with or know more about the 

Urban Heat Island Mapping Project